November 22nd Challenge
Build a simple frontend to connect with your NFT smart contract

Build a frontend for the NFT contract you deployed for the first challenge. It can be as simple or complex as you like!
Build a frontend to connect with the NFT smart contract example you deployed on the first day.
The frontend should allow a user to log in with NEAR and mint an NFT to their own wallet.

If you did not complete the first challenge, you can clone and deploy this example.

How to win 

  • Deploy your code somewhere (GitHub Pages and Netlify are easy)
  • 2. Share the project link on the Discord channel #challenge-5-nft-frontend for us to test


  • Everyone who completes the challenge get 150 points
  • The THREE most creative front-ends get 200 bonus points
  • Combo Bonus: +40 points for each challenge you complete in a row

Good luck!

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