November 20th - 21st Challenge
Modify and deploy the guest book example!

Add some modifications to the Guest Book example smart contract AND frontend, and deploy it.
Clone the repository for the Guest Book example
Modify the example to display the date and time someone signed it. Deploy the contract on a testnet sub-account
Change the styling to make it your own.
Deploy the smart contract and the frontend (default in the code is GitHub Pages).
It can be as simple or complex as you like!

How to win 

  • Deploy your project
  • Get at least one person to sign your guest book
  • Share the project link in the submissions thread under the Discord channel #nearvember-4-guest-book for us to test


  • Everyone who completes the challenge get 150 points
  • The THREE most creative front-ends get 200 bonus points
  • Combo Bonus: +40 points for each challenge you complete in a row. For example, if you completed all challenges until now, you will get an additional 160 POINTS.

Bonus points for 100 points each 

  • Restrict a user to only sign the guest book once
  • Add the ability to store and return more than 10 signatures
  • Display “premium” messages in a unique way

Good luck!

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