November 19th Challenge
Build a simple frontend for your Hello World contract

With the Hello World contract you deployed previously, build a frontend.
The user should enter their name, call the contract, and see "Hello {name}!"
It can be as simple or complex as you like!

If you didn't complete yesterday's task, you can use our contract:

Deployed here
GitHub link
CLI: near call nearvember.testnet set_name '{"name": "Cat"}' --accountId YOUR_ACCOUNT_ID

How to win 

  • Deploy your frontend anywhere (GitHub Pages is the most simple option)
  • Share the link on the Discord channel #nearvember for us to test


  • Everyone who completes the challenge get 100 points
  • Most creative frontend gets 200 points (judged by the NEAR team)
  • Combo Bonus: +40 points for each challenge you complete in a row. For example, if you completed yesterday's challenge and today's, you will get an additional 80 POINTS.
  • The 5 most helpful users on the Discord get 100 points each (judged by the NEAR team)

Good luck!

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