November 18th Challenge
Write a Hello World smart contract

Create a Hello World smart contract with the Rust SDK. If you're not sure where to get started, have a look here. And if you’re brand new to Rust, check out our quick-start guide. When we call the contract, it should take a {name} parameter and return "Hello {name}!"

How to win 

  • Deploy your Hello World smart contract on the testnet
  • Share the command on the Discord channel #nearvember for us to call


  • Everyone who completes the challenge get 100 points
  • Most creative submission gets 200 points (e.g: take additional parameters and do something interesting with them, change the greeting so it is not ‘hello every time, etc)
  • Combo Bonus: +40 points for each challenge you complete in a row. For example, if you completed yesterday's challenge and today's, you will get an additional 80 POINTS.
  • The 5 most engaged users on the Discord get 100 points each (judged by the NEAR team)
  • Everyone who provides *meaningful* feedback about your experiences so far gets a bonus 40 points - Click here to submit the feedback form

Good luck!

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