December 3rd Challenge

Make a NEAR or NEARvember related meme!

With huge prizes up for grabs, this challenge could change everything.

PS: For this challenge, you'll need a Twitter account.

How to win 

  • Join the Discord
  • Create a meme related to NEAR or NEARvember in any way. It can be programmer specific or not!
  • Reply to this tweet with your meme AND YOUR DISCORD HANDLE! Don't forget your Discord handle!
  • You can make AS MANY MEMES AS YOU WANT! They should all be in separate tweets.


  • 200-1000 points for each meme, judged by the NEAR team
  • 1500 points if NEAR retweets your meme
  • 1500 points for the most liked meme on Twitter


  • Your meme must be included in a tweet as a reply to NEAR's tweet. We will not see it otherwise.
  • Your meme submission must include your Discord handle. If you do not include your Discord handle in the tweet, we cannot give you your points.
  • You can submit as many memes as you want, but do not submit the same meme twice. We've seen it, I promise!

Deadline is Saturday December 4th at 12pm UTC.

Good luck!

This is the FINAL CHALLENGE OF NEARVEMBER! That means rewards are coming soon! Josh Ford | NEAR will give you your rewards at 6pm UTC on Saturday December 4th. You will have to give him your wallet address so make sure you've signed up for a MAINNET wallet.

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