November 17th Challenge
Mint an NFT on NEAR

For the first challenge, deploy an NFT smart contract and mint an NFT. This is easier than you think - just have a look at our docs!

How to win 

  • Deploy an NFT smart contract on the testnet
  • Mint an NFT
  • Share the command on the Discord channel #nearvember for us to view all NFTs owned by you


  • The first to post their command on the Discord channel with a correct solution gets 200 points
  • The following 50 to complete the challenge get 100 points
  • Everyone else to complete the challenge gets 10 points
  • Everyone who transfers their NFT to our wallet (nearvember.testnet) gets 50 extra points

NB: We'll be checking metadata to ensure the NFT was created today.

Good luck!

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